New Breed: The Little Monsters

Weasels, badgers, skunks and otters

a new Changing Breed by Otterpooka

The Little Monsters

The Little Animal that Could

The weasel is perhaps the least known, most maligned and most accomplished predator for its size. Weasel is considered a rude thing to call someone, because it means they are sly, sneaky and treacherous. To weasel is to be evasive, slippery and ambiguous. To the little monsters none of these things are necessarily a bad thing.

To those familiar with weasels, whether domestic such as pet ferrets, skunks (descented of course) and tayras, or wild (weasels, wolverines, martens, fishers, otters, badgers, skunks, wolverines and others) the whole group is known for tenacity, curiosity, cleverness, and fearlessness.

Weasels are in fact the smallest group of carnivores, many hunting prey that is several times their size. They exhibit high levels of cunning, instinct, agility, strength and speed. Almost all of them exemplify the traits attributed to being a "weasel" or to "weasel" out of something, but without the negative connotations.

Amongst this group are the:

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