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New World of Darkness
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General World of Darkness

When creating a system where various supernaturals can interact without causing havoc and much new rule-making, it is odd that the very design of the individual system makes it harder for them to do so. With the Old World of Darkness they did a decent job of making the world seem big and diverse, with the option of having different supernaturals interact (with potentially beneficial or disasterous effects) but the systems did not support it, having tweaked versions of the base system in each book and special mechanics for each game line. The New World of Darkness would seem to have done exactly the opposite, creating a unified system where crossover is nearly seamless but the different types of supernatural creatures that simply shouldn't interact except by accident, and in some cases, cannot coexist (Promethean being the biggest issue here). I will be introducing some ideas and minor system changes that can be used to midify this without removing the flavor of the game much.

World of Darkness: Changing Breeds

Many people will agree that this book had problems with balance, and I wholly agree so I took a crack at balancing the breeds/species and in some cases the Favors and Aspects.

Soon to have information on new changing breeds of my own creation including a variant on the Ahuizotl I created for use with Werewolf: The Apocalypse but following the differences in the world and the organization of the Changing Breeds (they are now separate groups).

World of Darkness: Innocents

This is one of the best World of Darkness books I have ever seen! Playing children as the core group of characters. Children who can and do see the world for what it is, with all of it's dark elements, monsters and other horrors. Children who cannot talk to their parents or other adults about these things because they are obviously "figments of their imagination", "silly imaginings" and other similar sentiments. Adults have obviously stopped believing, allowing science and rationalization to neuter their world view so that they can live a little easier while dealing with the true "horrors": bills, work, etc.

Vampire: The Requiem

System modification designed to make vampires more useable during the day (either as good guys or bad). Sunlight doesn't do as much harm (but it still does harm) and functionality during daylight hours is increased. More blood expendature is required. Many vampires, pre-cinema were able to walk outside during the daytime, and while many of them didn't like or were harmed/killed by sunlight, they were not instantly consumed by it.

Promethean: The Created

System modification that will allow for Prometheans to stick around in a given location a bit longer and make the Pandorans more dangerous in comparison to beings other than the Prometheans.

Changeling: The Lost

New elements for use with Changeling. Currently all I have is a new kith.

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