My Worlds of Darkness

Classic World of Darkness

[ General ]

[ Vampire: The Masquerade | Werewolf: The Apocalypse ]
[ Mage: The Ascension | Wraith: The Oblivion ]
[ Changeling: The Dreaming | Hunter: The Reckoning ]
[ Mummy: The Resurrection | Demon: The Fallen ]
[ Time of Empires Setting ]

Classic World of Darkness

General World of Darkness

House rules include information for Attributes and Abilities 6 and up, Child characters, alternate rules for use in Combat, rules on who is or is not Awakened.

Vampire: The Masquerade

Two new Bloodlines, two new Paths/Roads, a new Discipline, a new Flaw and lots of House Rules.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse

House Rules for Bastet Yava and Form Bonuses and Gurahl Rage expenditure. New Changing Breed ... the Ahuizotl: Rules for were-weasels, skunks, wolverines, otters and badgers.

Mage: The Ascension

Encouraging Vulgar Magick (for games with a lighter feel), Paradox Dice (inspired by Nightmare Dice from Changeling), Permanent Paradox and Alternate Damage Rules.

Changeling: The Dreaming

There are five Kiths, three Arts, a Realm, five Merits & Flaws, Indexes for Kiths, Houses and Cantrips including book and pages numbers to find them easily, rules for Ritual Cantrip Casting, Treasures, and more House Rules.

Mummy: The Resurrection

House Rules for Healing, Amenti Purposes and Liabilities, a variant of Academics for Ancient Egyptians, and a revised Vessel background.

Time of Empires Setting

Time of Empires Setting

Alternate historical setting for the World of Darkness. In this variant of World of Darkness Canon, the War of Rage amongst the shapeshifters does not occur. The event that would start it where a division occurs between the Garou and several of the other fera, instead splits not only the fera as a whole, but the garou nation is devided as well.

As a result the War of Sorrows occurs. Much damage is done amongst the various groups due to infighting and cross fighting, but genocide does not begin. The shifters, while not unified as they were meant to be, are still partially effective in stemming the tide of human population growth in the larger civilizations. Humanity survives with a healthier relationship with nature, and still fears the darkness.

This subtly colors all supernatural dealings as well as religious dealings. Magic and mysticism are known. Science becomes known and they coexist. Rome is never ruled by a Ceasar. There is no Dark Ages. There is no continent dominating religion. In some respects, the world is a very different place. In other ways, it remains virtually unchanged.

Imagine a world where the Egyptian (Khemitian) Empire, Western and Eastern Roman Empires, Vikings, Mayan Empire, Moche Empire (what would become the Incans in our world), Islamic Empire, and Phoenician Empire interact. A world where English will never exist...