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Aegis is a discipline based on the bond between protector and ward. Most of the abilities are specifically meant to be used to aid or defend a ward. The Einheriar use this discipline as a means to protect their ward from harm and above all death ... even if it means the death of themself.

Protector's Oath

This is the basic link established between the ward and the Guardian. When the link is formed, the Guardian will always know where the Ward is (the feeling gives a direction and a sense of distance) and whether the Ward is alive or dead. In exchange, the Guardian cannot harm, let harm befall, or betray the Ward.

System: To create the link, the two must exchange at least one Blood Point. To break the link, the Guardian must spend one permanent Willpower point.

Hardening of the Soul

This power allows the Guardian to grant herself protection for the duration of the effect.

System: The Guardian spends a temporary Willpower point and makes a Willpower roll (Difficulty 7). The number of successes indicates the number of dots of Fortitude granted to the vampire for the scene (regardless of Generation). Failure means the Guardian cannot use Hardening of the Soul for the rest of the night. Hardening of the soul may only be used once per scene.

Body Shield

The link between Guardian and Ward has become an advantage to the point that the Guardian is aware of the physical state of the Ward. This awareness allows the Guardian to absorb all injuries otherwise intended for the Ward.

System: The Guardian may spend 1 Willpower point to take the damage that the Ward did not manage to soak. Even if both Guardian and Ward are hurt multiple times on the same turn, the Guardian may take the damage intended for the Ward. The only exception is if both are damaged by a single attack such as an explosion.

At the Storyteller's discretion, trying to use Body Shield while in a stressful situation may incure a loss to the Guardian's dice pool.

Gift of Achilles

This power allows the Guardian to grant another (usually her Ward) protection for the duration of the effect.

System: The Guardian spends a temporary Willpower point and makes a Willpower roll (Difficulty 8). The number of successes indicates the number of dots in Fortitude granted to the target for the scene (regardless of Generation). Failure means the Guardian cannot use this discipline on that particular target for the rest of the scene. A botch indicates the Guardian cannot use Gift of Achilles for the rest of the night. Gift of Achilles may only be used once per scene per target and the Guardian must touch the target.

Repulse the Blade

By throwing down blood (which comes out of the Guardian's hand), a protection zone may be created, usually intended just for the Ward. As long as the Ward remains standing on the blood spot, she will not take any damage (although the protection does not prevent the use of Dominate, Presence, Movement of the Mind, etc.). Weapons will strangely miss, arrows and other projectiles will veer away at the last moment, as if the protection zone and the weapon were the same poles on different magnets.

System: Creating the protection costs one Blood point and may need a Dexterity + Archery roll to hit the feet of the target (although the target can step onto the spot if the Guardian misses. By spending more than one Blood point, the Guardian can protect an additional person per Blood point. Every successive turn the Guardian must spend the same amount of blood to renew the protection.

If anyone leaves (or does anything to go beyond the protection zone, such as fighting), they are vulnerable to attack. If someone leaves the zone, the Guardian must continue to pay the blood if that person is going to return and be protected. The Guardian may pay less Blood to renew the protection, but for each point not spent, someone looses the protection.

While in the protection zone, a person cannot be physically moved, nor may abilities such as Movement of the Mind affect that person.

Cradle of the Mind

At this point, the link between the Guardian and the Ward is complete. The Guardian is now aware of the emotional state of the Ward to the point that she can lend against Mental and Social powers (although this power does not work the other way around; the Guardian is on her own). This aid also applies to assisting the Ward in fighting off the Beast.

System: For the purposes of difficulty and resisting powers, the higher statistics between the Ward and the Guardian apply. Therefore, a vampire using Domination on the Ward would have a difficulty equal to whichever Willpower rating is higher.

Ability-related mind effects (Disciplines, Gifts, Spheres, Arcanos, Arts, etc. that effect the mind itself) will affect the Ward (and the Ward is the one who suffers from Willpower loss). Primal effects such as derangements, affecting the Beast (frenzies), and Road loss are suffered by the Guardian instead.

Life Exchange

Should the Ward be killed, the Guardian can exchange his life for hers.

System: The Ward must have been killed in the past five minutes and the Guardian must be touching the Ward's mostly intact body. However, even if the Ward was decapitated, a new head will grow. Once the Guardian uses this power, he dies and the Ward returns to whatever condition of life or un-life they would normally experience. She is considered to be Crippled and all her wounds are non-aggravated.