New Art: Binding

"Eye of Thundera,
Give me sight-beyond-sight."

-- Lion-o, Thundercats

The Mer have been studying the ways of the mind and the many ways to manipulate it for millenia. In addition to being very proficient at Sovereign and Chicanery, they have their own Art that explores the inner unknown.

At level four, Neptune's Eye manifests itself, becoming a third eye in the middle of the forehead. it is solid, not having a white, pupil, and iris. The color is determined by the Court the character follows, and how strongly. White is unerringly Seelie, black is unforgivingly, chaotic Unseelie, and varying shades of blue give degrees. Use the Seelie Code and Unseelie "Code" (or Manifesto for Shadow Court members) to determine the shade. The stronger the dominant one is followed, the darker or lighter the color.

Attribute: Perception

Gaia's Eyes

Gaia's Eyes allows the mer to perceive things through the targets senses. After success is determined, the caster chooses which senses he receives while the successes determine how many and how long.

Successes --

Type: Chimerical


This cantrip allows the caster to summon someone from afar. Use of this cantrip requires the use of two Realms (one for the target and one for the caster) and therefore a point of temporary Glamour must be spent (even if the target and caster Realms are the same). The target will do everything they can to get to the caster as soon as possible. Similar to the Level four vampiric Discipline Summon (see Vampire: The Masquerade).

Successes --

Type: Chimerical

Mind's Eye

Mind's Eye allows the mer to speak mentally to one or more people at a time, transferring conscious thought, emotions, and visual images instantly. With four or more successes the caster can read the mind of the target without the target consciously sending. With five or more successes thoughts and memories can be found without relying on what the target is currently thinking about. Adding additional people to the mental link will require a point of Glamour to be spent for each additional person (regardless of whether the Realms are different).

Successes --

Note: Any target that wishes to resist may make a Willpower roll (difficulty 7) to resist. Each success cancels a success on the cantrip (multiple people resisting do not stack; the greatest number of successes obtained by one target is used).

Type: Chimerical or Wyrd

Neptune's Gaze

At this level, the mer may now do more than bring emotions out and read thoughts, they can heal scars in a person's psyche. This allows the caster to remove Bedlam, derangements, Quiet (see Mage: The Ascension), or bring someone out of frenzy (see Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse; also useable on the House Gwydion or House Scathach Flaws), psychological flaws (the character still must pay the required experience points to buy it off), stun damage, etc. This cantrip may never be used to remove House Flaws (with the above exception), Frailties, or any other equivalent weakness.

Casting this cantrip can only be done once successfully to effect anything permanent for a single person. Failure to affect target gains the caster one temporary point of Banality. Failing the cantrip gains the caster two temporary points of Banality and botching gains the caster three temporary points of Banality.

Successes -- For each success the target's difficulty to resist frenzy lowers by one. Rage roll difficulties are increased by one.

Type: Wyrd


Soulbind allows the caster to either possess a target, or switch two different target's minds and bodies (two realms). Possession leaves the casters body vulnerable, in a coma-like state, and entirely unuseable by the caster as the caster is now in someone elses body. Resistance is possible with a roll of Willpower (difficulty 8).

Switching minds and bodies requires a point of Glamour to be spent (regardless of whether the Realms are different). Switching minds allows both targets to resist. This cantrip affects the function of objects and things that don't have a "mind".

Successes --

Type: Chimerical or Wyrd

Sample Bunks: