Rules for Changeling Rituals

"The maidens had other plans for the two knights
They'd give them potions
And make them see dreams and lights"

-- Crash Test Dummies, "Two Knights and Maidens" from God Shuffled His Feet

All of the Attributes and Realm ratings are based off the levels of the individual caster.

Primary Caster

Required to have the Art and all of the realms required for the cantrip.

Secondary Caster

Note: Each additional caster must spend a temorary point of Glamour.

Has Neither Art or Realms

Has Art but no Realms

Does not have Art but has at least one Realm

Has both Art and (at least one applicable) Realm

Members of an Oathcircle

Primary Caster

Secondary Caster

Failing and Botching

All members of the ritual receive Banality as they would have if they had cast the cantrip by themselves (gaining one or two points of temporary Banality).

Countering the Cantrip (from within)

A secondary caster trying to thwart the attempt of the cantrip rolls their Banality (difficulty of the Primary Caster's Glamour) and counts successes against the total success of the cantrip. They then receive two temporary points of Banality.

If this person botches they count their 1's as successes for the cantrip. A failed roll will still cause the offending person to receive a temporary point of Banality.