Dark Hekau and Isfet

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Dark Hekau, Agents of Apophis and Supernaturals
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Only extremely dedicated followers or agents of Apophis will have an Isfet rating. Bane mummies, fallen Amenti, etc. To gain a rating in Isfet a character must fall to a 1 Balance (Ma'at) or a 1 Willpower (permanent rating; usually occurs through many resurrections). If a PC manages this in game, their character becomes an NPC (and potentially the next villain for the PCs).

Balance: Ma'at vs. Isfet

The natural world will naturally continually seek balance between order/truth/stability and chaos/falsehood/change. Currently the world is vastly out of balance in favor of Isfet and it is the Amenti's duty to help restore the proper balance. Ma'at has been lacking sincethe treachery of Set and the loss of Osiris. Should that balance be restored they would simply not have as daunting a task ahead of them, but Ma'at must be maintained, while Isfet is always in flux.

Balance, for an Amenti does not represent balancing Ma'at and Isfet. It represents their current mission of bringing the world out of the thrall of Isfet and Apep. Osiris has regained his Magesty and sacrificed himself to provide the means and the power to fight Isfet and the forces of Apep. To do this the Amenti and their allies must strive toward Ma'at.

Change and destruction always occur, it is simply a matter of how much and how it comes about. The Amenti will never have to "switch sides" to maintain Ma'at. There are plenty of other agents for Isfet that are more natural than the forces that currently dominate the world.

Isfet is a force that doesn't need to be followed. It is simply resisted, successfully or not. Those that serve it and champion chaos and destruction bring pain, corruption and suffering in their wake. These beings are what are referred to as the Agents of Apophis (Apep).

Dark Hekau, Agents of Apophis and Supernaturals

What Will Work

Anything that will work for a spell or ritual of the appropriate type (hekau) will work. In addition, there are no restrictions based on whether a target is supernatural or an agent of Apophis (corrupted). This includes all vampires, risen and other forms of animated, non-living beings (regardless of whether their souls are corrupt). This also includes Bane Mummies, Black Spiral Dancers, Formori, Nephandi, Spectres, Thallain, and Demons.

What Will Not Work

There may be restrictions on the use of certain hekau based on whether the target is alive or not. Effigies and Amulets still require someone withthe capability of using that type of hekau to activate the effigy or amulet.

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