New Art: Imagery

Based loosely off Art cards from Arcadia: The Wild Hunt and Arcadia: King Ironheart's Madness
by Otterpooka and Suentis Po

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"
-- Evil Queen, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves"

Imagery is yet another reflection of the fae's mastery over manipulation of reality and perception. This is an Art of illusion, truth and the paradoxical connection they share. One of the many Arts lost to changeling society after the Sundering, recently rediscovered, it is still a rare Art.

Attribute: Perception

Mirror, Mirror

With this cantrip, the caster can extract knowledge concerning the target that would relate to the caster. The caster must be able to see his own face (reflection, photo, etc.).

Successes --

Type: Chimerical


This cantrip allows the target to blend in with it's surroundings, making it virtually invisible. Interacting with people, animals, and anything else sentient will cancel the cantrip. This includes casting cantrips. Can be used as a surprise attack, but the effect is then gone.

Successes --

Type: Chimerical or Wyrd


This cantrip creates illusory objects, places, and people. They can be given clothes, weapons, and more, but they cannot talk or move. Illusions created with this cantrip don't have any substance or impact, just illusion. Unlike the Chicanery cantrip Fuddle, the illusions created with this cantrip are seen by any who are enchanted.

Successes --

Type: Chimerical

True Sight

This cantrip allows the caster to see through mystical and mundane illusions, concealment, and false forms. They are able to sense fae mein/mortal seeming, true forms (shapeshifters), vampires with fangs, wraiths that are materialized, embodied, or otherwise, affecting the Skinlands (our world).

Note: This ability only allows the caster to see through the illusion, form, etc. It does not cancel any abilities, it only makes the caster immune to the effect.

Duration: 1 hour

Successes --

Type: Chimerical


This cantrip allows the caster to look like something or someone else. In addition, the mannerisms, strengths and weaknesses, and powers may be harnessed as well. These abilities replace any abilities of the same category that the caster possesses (Talents for Talents, Arts & Realms for Gifts, Birthrights & Frailties for Weaknesses & Vampiric Abilities, etc.).

Duration: One hour (plus an hour for each additional point of temporary Glamour spent)

Successes --

Note: Casters Glamour, Banality, and Willpower stay the same. The Arete of a mage would be used to cast spell effects. If expendature of a trait the changeling does not have (e.g. Blood, Rage, Gnosis, Quintessence, Pathos, etc) is required, the changelings Willpower or Glamour may substitute.

Type: Wyrd


Bunks for this Art tend toward perceptive or deceptive actions, costumes, or words.

Level One --

Level Two --

Level Three --

Level Four --

Level Five --