New Realm: Prodigal

original concept by Jade Hammons (2 December 1995)
rewritten by Otterpooka (6 November 1997) for Changeling: The Dreaming Second Edition

This art is intended to affect other awakened denizens of the World of Darkness. They interact with arts in the same manner that Fae or Actor do. Categories and creatures listed here are general only, if a character has a specific Banality rating, then use that instead. The individual personality and the Storyteller have the final say.

Note: Autumn People count as Actor (usually Dire Enemy).

True Believer (Banality 1 & 2)

This level affects prodigals who already believe in the existance of the fae, or those without a choice.

Dreamer (Banality 3 & 4)

This realm affects Believers, but not those whose belief is as instant as level one.

Wistful Thinker (Banality 5 & 6)

This level affects those prodigals just beginning to slip out of the believer mindset, or those who hover on the edge.

Lost Soul (Banality 7 & 8)

Almost out of touch with the Dreaming, this level affects the upper echelons of banal prodigals, and those opposed to, or unaware of, the Dreaming.

Autumn Mist (Banality 9 & 10)

This last level affects those most caught up in the status quo, and hence the most banal of the prodigals and humans.