House Rules for
Promethean: The Created

Moving the Rot (the Wasteland effect)

The degeneration of the landscape (causing Wastelends) that accompanies promethean life is a mechanic I dislike greatly. It makes everything you try to do as a Storyteller as well as a player transitory because to avoid it being obvious, the character(s) have to move around a lot. I have moved this mechanic to the pandorans only. For them it occurs only when they are active (and thus it only occurs around Prometheans). It is their method of fueling themselves as they hunt.

Pandorans hunger and they feed on the Azoth in a way that draws it out of the Promethean (where it is normally safely contained), scarring the land around them slowly. This effect is going to be most prominent in an area where a pandoran(s) have captured a promethean and feed in one spot.

This rule change doesn't stop the degeneration of the land but makes it less pervasive so that a promethean can deal with it by dealing with the Pandorans. This allows a proactive promethean to be part of the solution, rather than THE wandering problem. Attributing the degeneration to the promethean is easy (and likely) to do, but it is in error. And that just ticks off some prometheans ... after all, they are trying to fix the problem.

Lighting the Fire
(allowing Prometheans ... and anything else to mix)

Adjusting mortals to a promethean on a one-for-one basis. This allows for mixed adventures. The rules as stated cause severe problems between prometheans and anything else (mortal, supernatural, etc.). To avoid ruining the theme of Promethean: The Created I have kept all methods of "attuning" mortals to the Azoth on a one-for-one basis (one mortal to one promethean). This doesn't prevent multiple mortals/supernaturals from being attuned to a promethean, but it doesn't allow for any mortal/supernatural to be attuned to ALL prometheans or especially any prometheans from being attuned to ALL mortals/supernaturals.

The Box

A small, plain and very old looking silver box with a latch and small round feet. It bears an inscription around the edge of the lid and another around the base that are in a language that is ancient, pressed into the silver by an edged tool. Mortals tend not to notice this box, but prometheans find it very fascinating without knowing why.

When the box is opened in the presence of a promethean, a mirror of the Azothic fire flows from the box as though gently blown by wind ... toward the promethean.

Effects: The fire that comes out of the box will not harm a promethean (as it is an echo of their soul). It will burn mortals as if it were real fire (1 L per round of direct contact)

Flame of Reflection: The most obvious effect of the box is the ability to locate a promethean with it.

The Ritual


Effect: ...