My Changing Breeds Page

Work in progress ... The Little Monsters (conversion of my Ahuizotl from the Old World of Darkness)


House Rules for Favors and Aspects

Both revised and new favors and aspects and a difference in how to decide whether a given ability is a favor or aspect.

Bastet: Splitting the Qualm'a ni

Reason: These cats (cougar and lynx), and their associated myths and legends, are very different in character and purpose so I have split them into separate species.

New Flaw: Animal Musk

Animal Musk: Your character has a strong scent based on his species that is not only easy to track by those with enhanced senses, but is strong enough that humans in the presence of the character can smell it and react to the unpleasantness of it. This Flaw awards points only if the character's unusual scent causes social problems or if their scent makes it easier to for an enemy or other source of conflict to locate him. If steps are taken to counter the strong scent, then the character simply ceases to gain experience from their musk.