House Rules for
Changeling: The Lost

New Kith: Swaybreeze

Swaybreeze -- These are the changelings that hide in the shadows and undergrowth, blending in to their surroundings. They can slow their heart rate and breathing, sway gently with the breeze and surrounding bushes so as not to stick out among them, and can lend others that stillness for a time while distracting a hunter from the target.

Swaybreeze learn the talent of Nature's Blanket: the changeling gains the 9-again rule for Stealth rolls; she can also spend 1 Glamour to give someone else the same ability at 8-again for a scene, provided that the changeling herself makes no attempt to hide in that time. She may even choose to purposely distract an opponent from her target, making a Presence + Animal Ken roll to present a more obvious target (possibly resisted by a Resolve + Composure roll). Net successes add to the Stealth pool of the target.