House Rules for
Vampire: The Requiem

The following rules are designed to make vampires more useable during the day (either as good guys or bad). Sunlight doesn't do as much harm (but it still does harm) and functionality during daylight hours is increased. Many vampires, pre-cinema were able to walk outside during the daytime, and while many of them didn't like or were harmed/killed by sunlight, they were not instantly consumed by it. Using these rules means that a vampire is going to consume blood faster as a result of being up during at least some of the daytime and some/most of the night as each qualify as different "days".

New Daylight Rules

Daytime Slumber

Vampires are overcome by a crushing fatigue upon the rising of the sun and remain immobile (and to all appearances truly dead) until sunset.

Stay Awake for the Day

Spend one point of Vitae and roll your character's Humanity as a dice pool.

Daylight Sleep Interrupted

If the Kindred is attacked (or otherwise awakened) during the day, they can rise, but it is extremely difficult. Roll a dice pool made up of your character's Wits Attribute alone (depending on the attempt to awaken a penalty may be incurred); a success means your character notices the disturbance. Then you must spend one point of Vitae and roll your character's Humanity as a dice pool. Your character can rise for a single minute per success on the Humanity roll.

Use of Disciplines

During the daytime, a Kindred's mystical power is at it's weakest. Rolls to activate or use Disciplines have a maximum dice pool of Humanity + Discipline (after the -2 dice penalty).

New Sunlight Rules

Exposing specific body parts to fire or sunlight may have additional effects beyond simple damage. Blindness if the vampire looks unprotected into the sunlight, a shaft of sunlight sears an arm rendering it temporarily useless, a hand pressed to hot coals being unusable, etc.


Even the weakest sunlight presents danger. Sunlight filtered through a heavy curtain can still burn. The Resilience Discipline can help protect a vampire from the daystar's rays. Direct sunlight can sear even the mightiest Kindred to ash. A hand held in sunlight filtered through heavy drapes causes only one point per hour. Looking out a window on an overcast day causes two point per minute. Being fully exposed under direct sunlight causes three (or more) points per turn.

Intensity Time Increment Examples
Faint, filtered sunlight hours light through heavy, closed drapes; thick cloud cover; twilight
Filtered or weak sunlight minutes light through thin drapes; outside on a cloudy day; daylight through a window; reflection of sun in a mirror
Direct sunlight rounds  

Exposure Health Points Examples
Small part of body exposed 1 point (A) one hand; part of the face; wearing heavy clothes, sunglasses, gloves, and a broad-brimmed hat or balaklava
Large part of body exposed 2 points (A) a leg; an arm; whole head
Most to all of body exposed 3 points (A) whole torso; wearing thin clothing

Fire Rules work according to the rules in Vampire: The Requiem