Otterpooka's House Rules
for Changeling: The Dreaming

"I could tell you what it takes to feel the highest high.
You'd laugh and say, 'Nothing's that simple'."

-- Pete Townshend, "I'm Free" from The Who's Tommy

Birthrights and Frailties

Some of the rules presented in this section are for the purpose of making the kith presented in the source books compatible with Changeling: The Dreaming Second Edition, while others were simply changes that I thought needed to be done.


The Menehune are detailed in Immortal Eyes: Shadows on the Hill.

All Menehune may learn Spirit Link as soon as they have the background: Totem.

Ali'i (Birthright)

Hana (Added Birthright)

Kahuna (Birthright)

Kokua (Birthright)


The Nunnehi are detailed in the Changeling Player's Guide.

Numuzo'ho (Frailty)

Yunwi Amai'yine'hi (Birthright)

Noble Houses

Those not of the sidhe who swear an Oath of Fealty (different for each house) to a Noble House and are in turn accepted and "sponsored" into that house by a member in good standing gain the Boon and Flaw of that particular Noble House. A modified version of the Oath of Fealty presented in the Changeling: The Dreaming, Second Edition book may be used for House Scathach or any of the Unseelie Houses, but the five main Houses have an oath listed in Noblisse Oblige: Book of Houses.


Fealty to this House is sworn to a member of Gwydion that is of higher rank and who in turn swears the Oath of Noblisse Oblige to sponsor the new member.


The oath to House Fiona is an oath of love and devotion (modified version of the Oath of True Hearts) that is sworn to a member of House Fiona and then the house.


Starting temporary Banality is equal to the permanent rating. If at any time it reaches 10 the changeling gains a permanent point of Banality and the temporary again equals the permanent. A character's temporary Banality may never be lower than their permanent Banality; this includes expenditure of Glamour.

What this means is that a childling starting with a 1 Banality also has 1 temporary point of Banality. A wilder who has 4 permanent points of Banality gets enough temporary points to meet or exceed 10 receives a permanent point of Banality (making a 5 total) and starts again with 5 temporary points of Banality.



Dream Craft Revisited

This Art has been revamped and the new version is presented in Dreams & Nightmares in a much more useful way.


Experience Cost

Because of the existence of six Realms, and me adding another (I use a slightly modified Prodigal, created by Jade Hammon), the experience cost for Realms is now CR x2.