Mummy: The Resurrection
Frequently Asked Questions

Since the release of Mummy: The Resurrection, many people have had a lot of positive comments and praise for the game. Nevertheless, as often occurs with roleplaying games, some people have questions about rules clarifications. This FAQ, or Frequently Asked Question, page is designed to answer as many of those as possible. Please read it carefully to see if it answers your concern. If not, there is an email address where you can send additional questions. Check back later, too. Maybe somebody else will have prompted a new revelation. (Most recent update was a small update 5/11/2002)

Uh, just who is the Mummy developer?

Hey, that one's easy. Well, okay, maybe not so easy. Originally, Mummy: The Resurrection was developed by Kraig Blackwelder and Andrew Bates, but both of them moved on to other projects. For a time after that your hapless webslave (Conrad Hubbard) was left trying to answer Mummy questions as best as possible just because he was a writer on the project - this current FAQ is his work. The new Mummy developer is C.A. Suleiman. As C.A. is a freelance developer, he gave us this nice webmail address folks can use to contact him with questions:

Okay, why is there a new edition of Mummy?

Check out the Developer's chat transcript, from the link on the Mummy homepage. Original developer Andrew Bates explains the ideas behind a new edition fairly well.

What's up with the Keening page? It repeats like 3 times or something?

There was an error in the layout of that page. All of the correct information is included, however, there is simply a repetition of it. Don't worry, you're not missing anything, even if our layout person did. And don't knock her work, okay. See that beautiful cover? She did that too, so she can do some pretty awesome stuff. Everybody makes mistakes.

Yeah, so um then, are you doing a new Live Action Role Play version of Mummy?

As a matter of fact, yes there is. It is called Laws of the Resurrection and is due out in the latter half of the year 2002, early fall I think.

Why are mummies so powerful? Why are mummies so damn weak? What the hell were you people at White Wolf thinking?

Mummy was play tested. Some play testers thought they were perfect as regards power levels. Others felt that they were still too powerful. Still others felt that we had weakened them too much. As in all things, personal taste differs from person to person. Mummies are very powerful, but they are not as powerful as they were in the 2nd Edition World of Darkness: Mummy book, In many people's opinion this is a good thing. They are still quite potent and indeed possess new abilities they never possessed before. If you want them to be more powerful then talk to your Storyteller. She may have ideas of her own, and White Wolf is certainly not sending the Rules Gestapo to your house to see if you are playing by the rules. Well, not unless you are paying their plane fare and providing free beer.

Do I need the previous editions of Mummy to play?

No. Mummy: The Resurrection replaces the previous versions of the Mummy supplements with a complete rules book. None of the previous versions are needed to play Mummy.

You say complete rule book. How come there aren't complete rules in it?

Okay, okay. Mummy : The Resurrection is designed like Kindred of the East. It requires a core game book from one of our other games to give you the general World of Darkness Storyteller game rules. If you have any one of those books, however, then you are set. Those books include Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Mage: The Ascension, Wraith: The Oblivion, Changeling: The Dreaming and Hunter: The Reckoning. If you have any one of those books, then Mummy: The Resurrection provides all of the additional rules you need to represent a mummy character.

I don't get the various tem-akh. Why does it seem that a person could be any one of two or three of the types?

Moral judgments such as involved with sin are a very subjective thing. Different people might draw different tem-akh spirits. If you carefully consider what the true weakness of your character was during her mortal years then you will probably find greater insight into what sort of tem-akh spirit would have selected her.

Screw this roleplaying stuff. I got rules questions. How many freebie points does a spell or ritual cost?

An extra spell or ritual costs only one freebie point regardless of the level of the spell/ritual. Of course the mummy character must possess a Hekau path high enough to be able to use the spell or ritual in order to buy it with freebies.

The rules seem to contradict themselves. Just how many spells and rituals do I get to start the game?

Editing did introduce a discrepancy into the spell/ritual starting rate. In one place it states that a character gets 4 spells or rituals. In another place it says one spell or ritual per path point in Hekau. The answer is that you get the better of the two. If you have less than 4 points of Hekau paths, then you get 4 spells or rituals to start. If you have more than 4 points of Hekau paths, then you get one spell or ritual per path point to start. The spells/rituals chosen may be of any level up to the level of your relevant Hekau path, but note that you must always learn at least 2 rituals and/or spells of a specific level in order to proceed to the next level. For example to reach Necromancy 2, one must have at least two rituals/spells of level 1 before gaining the 2nd level of the path. As a starting character, one must also possess at least one ritual or spell of each path level of Hekau possessed, whether this is purchased with the starting spells/rituals or with freebie points.

Okay, the rules say that I can spend freebies to buy more Sekhem, but then they say that Sekhem's permanent rating is equal to my starting final Balance. What gives?

Originally Sekhem and Balance were meant to be Abilities which did not depend upon each other. The final rules changed this. You do not need to purchase permanent Sekhem as a starting character because it will automatically be equal to your beginning Balance.

That's all well and good, but I see that undergoing the Resurrection requires either a permanent point of Sekhem or a permanent point of Willpower. How do I rebuild my permanent Sekhem rating?

Again, a mistake generated by the change in rules that tied Balance to Sekhem. The normal way that your Sekhem's permanent rating will be reduced to lower than your Balance rating is by spending a permanent point of it to power the Resurrection. If this happens, it is obvious that many mummies would like to regenerate the point lost. This can be accomplished for the same cost in Experience as buying a new point of permanent Willpower (i.e. rating x 1). The mummy cannot raise her permanent Sekhem above her current Balance rating. Note that the Experience chart specifically says that raising one's permanent Balance rating does not automatically increase the mummy's Sekhem, so a mummy who has achieved a higher level of Balance will probably wish to purchase permanent Sekhem as well.

What happened to the Osirian League? In previous editions of Mummy, Horus was believed to be fervently attempting to rebuild the organization.

Mummy: The Resurrection introduces a number of new organizations which help Horus and Osiris realize their goals. A number of other groups of ancient origin but newly invigorated power also exist. Nevertheless, to emphasize the desire of many Storytellers to avoid true cross-over chronicles, the role of the ancient, and destroyed, Osirian league has been greatly lessened. If they are a personal favorite of yours, however, you may wish to encourage your Storyteller to "resurrect" their ancient role. Alternatively you might read about the Ahadi in A World of Rage.

Under the Udja-sen Purpose it says that they get additional points of Sekhem equal to their Balance when they refresh their Sekhem, but the limit on Sekhem IS Balance. What gives?

Actually, this is an important point. Udja-sen can recover Sekhem even when reduced to 0 Sekhem, unlike other mummies. They can also help other mummies who have reached 0 Sekhem. It is worth noting, however, that they still suffer all other effects of Semektet any time their Sekhem falls to 0. See, now they make sense.

No, they don't, because their Liability says that they are hurt by using Sekhem from outside sources, but the Vessel Background specifically says they cannot use it.

Correct. They may not use the Vessel Background. However, turn back to the Effigy Hekau section and note the Sekhem Vessel ritual. They can use that ritual, and thereby get Sekhem which they have previously stored. Note, that there are other ways for the Udja-sen to get Sekhem, too, especially if you are running a cross-over game.

Look, I just want to play the mummy I already had. What happened to him?

See page 31, "What about my mummy?" There are rules there to cover this, and then it is up to you and your Storyteller which path you wish to take for your conversion to the new rules.

Is White Wolf going to make a Mummy book about XX?

That remains to be seen. and will ultimately depend upon the how well the line sells. Kindred of the East was the same way, and it spawned an entire line of game supplements, so we can all hope that Mummy will do so too. We are scheduled to release the companion to Mummy: The Resurrection, the Mummy Players Guide, in fall of 2002. Meanwhile, check out the rest of the Year of the Scarab releases. Each is sure to add exciting dimensions to the game by adding to the setting.

What is hamartia? I see it on the character sheet but I just can not find it anywhere in the book.

See page 14.

What about inheritance?

It's described on page 58, but basically think of it as the "concept" of your tem-akh.

Why are you answering questions? You aren't the developer are you?

Both of the original developers (Andrew Bates and Kraig Blackwelder) involved with the production of Mummy: The Resurrection are currently engaged in other projects. I was the primary writer on the project (along with Steve Kenson, Jess Heinig, Rob Hatch, James Comer and Richard Ruane) and am easily available to answer most questions because of the fact that I am the hapless webslave here. Now that C.A. Suleiman is the Mummy developer you can ask him and he can probably answer better than me. He might even ask me to add it to my FAQ here.