House Rules for
Werewolf: The Apocalypse

"Let's leave some blue up above us,
Leave some green on the ground.
It's only ours to borrow, let's save some for tomorrow.
Leave it and pass it on down."
-- Alabama, "Pass it on Down" from Pass it on Down

Changing Breeds

Ahuizotl -- Defenders of the Heart (Were-mustelids; my creation, not canon)   - = -   Ajaba -- Choosers of the Slain (Were-hyenas)   - = -   Ananasi -- Fangs of the Mother-Queen (Were-spiders)   - = -   Bastet -- Ten Tribes of Twilight (Were-cats) -- Bagheera -- Balam -- Bubasti -- Ceilican -- Khan -- Ocelotl -- Pumonca -- Qualmi -- Simba -- Swara   - = -   Corax -- Sun, Storm and Shadow (Were-ravens)   - = -   Garou (Were-wolves)   - = -   Gurahl -- Carrying the Wounds of the World (Were-bears)   - = -   Kitsune -- The Nine-tails (Were-foxes)   - = -   Mokole -- Keepers of Sun's Wisdom (Were-crocodilians)   - = -   Nagah (Were-snakes)   - = -   Nuwisha -- Laughter and Life (Were-coyotes)   - = -   Ratkin -- Summoning the Armies of the Apocalypse (Were-rats)   - = -   Rokea -- First-born of Sea (Were-sharks)

Other Rules

Bastet Gifts   - = -   Kitsune Gifts   - = -   Mokole Gifts   - = -   Background: Den Realm/Umbral Glade/Ananta (Revised)

Ajaba (Werehyena)

ANIMAL: Hyena.

As of Player's Guide to the Changing Breeds they "fixed" the Ajaba so that they are no longer considered to be the black sheep of the bastet family. They are instead roughly the African equivalent of the Grondr and Garou rolled into one. They seek out corruption, sickness and weakness and cull it from the "herd".

SPECIAL: Bite: Str +3, Lock Jaw*.

Ajaba - Hyena

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Gurahl (Werebears)

Use of Rage

As an option (instead of increasing his strength), a Gurahl spending a point of Rage will be immune to damage from the next hit he takes. This can only be done once per round.

Gurahl - Bear

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Kitsune (Werefoxes)

Kitsune Gifts

This section will include errata, mechanics modifications, and new gifts.

Level One Gifts

Level Two Gifts

Slippery When Wet (Homid Kitsune Level Two) -- When this gift is activated, an area equal to the foxes' Gnosis in yards or meters becomes extremely slippery and any attempt to maintain balance and move becomes more difficult. This gift is taught by an ice spirit.

System: To activate the gift, roll of Wits + Survival (difficulty of the local Gauntlet). The successes on the roll counter successes to attempt to remain balanced and upright. Any attempt to move while maintaining balance is +2 difficulty. The Lupus Gift: Catfeet allows a shifter to be immune to this gift.

Bite of the Oni (Ju Fu Gift Level Two) -- Use of this gift allows an oragami to inflict aggravated damage. This gift is taught by a beetle spirit.

System: By spending a point of Rage and touching a box-style oragami the paper creation becomes a grenade to anyone other than the kitsune who creates it. This box will then deal 4 dice of aggravated damage to whomever touches it.

Level Three Gifts

Level Four Gifts

Level Five Gifts

Kitsune - Fox

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*Lock Jaw

This applies to Chatro and Feline (Bastet), or Crocus and Hyaenid (Ajaba) forms only. Once bite is established, they can lock their jaw and continue to do damage every round. Spending Rage will not increase the amount of damage that can be done in a round.

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Background: Den Realm/Umbral Glade/Ananta (Revised)

Treating these backgrounds the same way you do totems for the garou, purchasing elements for an individual or small group umbral territory is made consistent and easy with the individual rules presented for each of the different versions taken into account. The number of background points determines how many points you get to spend adding capabilities to the basic abilities listed below:

Basic Abilities of an Umbral Realm:

Purchaseable Abilities: