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Rules based on Changeling: The Dreaming Second Edition
and including all updated rules for Houses and Arts.

New Kiths


Based loosely on the Dragonkin from Arcadia: The Wild Hunt and classic elements from both Eastern and Western dragons.


by Timothy J. Lanza

Kithain shapechangers who are capable of transforming themselves into mechanical objects. Gizmos are the product of a combination of old dreams and new.


Created before White Wolf released it's World of Darkness: Blood Dimmed Tides sourcebook and is still preferred by my gaming group. I have added information that allows this kith to be used with the Murdhuacha and the Mer Houses presented in that book.


Angels in training? Maybe. No one knows to whom they answer. Some are the answers to prayers. Some are the forgers of nightmares. Praise the Heaven Sent and fear the Fallen.

Djinn (unfinished Inanimae)

A new Inanimae from Arabia. This Inanimae is useable but there is little to no descriptive information. This will probably stay unfinished until Kithbook: Eshu comes out since there is rumored to be djinn there.

New Arts


Accord allows the caster to draw the essence of an element into their target, harmonizing their own body and soul with that element. This always will have a chimerical "side effect" such as the wind blowing through the targets hair in a closed room, a hint of flickering flames in their eyes or slow deliberate "earthy" movements.


The Mer have been studying the ways of the mind and the many ways to manipulate it for millenia. In addition to being very proficient at Sovereign and Chicanery, they have their own Art that explores the inner unknown.


Imagery is yet another reflection of the fae's mastery over manipulation of reality and perception. This is an Art of illusion, truth and the paradoxical connection they share. One of the many Arts lost to changeling society after the Sundering, recently rediscovered, it is still a rare Art.

New Realms


original concept by Jade Hammons
This art is intended to affect other awakened denizens of the World of Darkness. They interact with arts in the same manner fae, or actor do.

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