House Rules for
the Old World of Darkness

"Shades of gray are all that I find
When I come to the enemy line.
Black and white was so easy for me
But shades of Grey are the colors I see."
-- Billy Joel, "Shades of Grey" from River of Dreams

These rules pertain to all World of Darkness genres unless otherwise noted.

Attributes: 6 and Up

Abilities: 6 and Up
Abilities: Awareness
Abilities: Linguistics

Children as Player Characters


Who is Awakened?

Attributes: 6 and Up...

Attributes are not so much a matter of experiences as pure capability. The only way to increase Abilities beyond what is normally allowed (5 for most) is through magical means. Once this is accomplished, they can be kept with experience expenditure.

Level Experience Points
1-5 CR x4, (n/a, 4, 8, 12, 16)
6 24 experience points
7 34 experience points
8 46 experience points

Note: Kith bonuses are in addition to the attribute level that has been purchased.

Mummies already have rules for raising Attributes beyond 5


Rolling without Abilities

Talents -- Roll applicable Attribute.
Skills -- Roll applicable attribute (+1 difficulty).
Knowledges -- No roll. It is simply not known. Subject to Storyteller discretion.

Clarification on Re-rolls

If a character has specialized in an Ability, at level four of that Ability, the character re-rolls tens and adds their success. At level six both nines and tens can be re-rolled. When re-rolling, ones are always ignored.

Level 6 and Up...

Lower generation vampires are not the only ones who gain the knowledge of the ages. Any person who has been alive for over a hundred years has the chance to learn extraordinary amounts of information and possess skills that rival the greatest of legend.

Below are the required experience costs and minimum age to learn each level of an ability:

Note: Each level of Past Life, Dream, Memoriam, or Remembrance subtracts 10 years from the requirement.

Talents Skills and Knowledges*

Level Years Experience Points
1-5 N/A CR x2, (3, 2, 4, 6, 8)
6 100 years 14 experience points
7 200 years 24 experience points
8 350 years 36 experience points
*except Mage knowledges, which follow:

Mage Knowledges

Level Years Experience Points
1-5 N/A CR x2, (3, 1, 2, 3, 4)
6 100 years 8 experience points
7 200 years 18 experience points
8 350 years 30 experience points


Not just anyone can have Awareness. There are a select number of groups that qualify.

Awareness can be purchased by:


It never really seemed realistic the way Linguistics is explained in most of the books. The following rules are more realistic and are from Kindred of the East:

One additional language
Two additional languages
Four additional languages
Eight additional languages
Sixteen additional languages

Children as Characters

While children can be characters in most of the genres, a child character has different rules because they are unique in limitation and in advantage.

These rules are for children who are 12 years or less in age.


Children receive one of the following, as applicable:

Other characters will tend to protect them and societal rules will be more lenient because of their age.



Combat in games that I run will be somewhat freeform. If you want extra bonuses then you must describe carefully what you want to do and be creative in doing so. Bonuses and penalties will be adjusted accordingly.

Multiple Actions & Initiative

There are several ways to gain extra actions in a round. Most supernaturals have some way to gain them through magic. Anyone can gain extra actions by splitting their dice pool unless they only have 1 dot in Dexterity (or Wits for mental actions). Initiative functions the same way for each segment

Example: There are 3 vampires (Tomas, Angeline and Karsk) and 2 werewolves (Seth and Red Paws) facing off. Everyone rolls initiative. The players are asked if they want to have more than one action this round.

Initiative with Multiple Actions

 Segment 1Segment 2Segment 3Segment 4Segment 5Segment 6Segment 7
   2 actions (1st)1 action (only)2 actions (1st)  
 4 actions (1st)3 actions (1st)4 actions (2nd)3 actions (2nd)4 actions (3rd)3 actions (3rd)4 actions (4th)
21Seth (SoF) -- Seth  
17  Karsk Karsk  
14   Tomas   
12 Angeline Angeline Angeline 
7Red Paws Red Paws Red Paws Red Paws

Red Paws would have gone first if Seth did not have his special ability Spirit of the Fray. The order of combat is as follows:

Next round, keeping the same initiatives, find out who will have extra actions and who will not, and then proceed.


It is not possible to botch or fail a damage roll (unless directly caused by a magical or supernatural effect; usual rules apply). If a roll to hit is successful a roll for damage will always count as a minimum of one success. This damage can still be soaked as normal.

Soaking Damage

I do not hold to the rules for soaking that have been presented in the Revised edition of the Storyteller system. The only type of damage that cannot be soaked is Aggravated damage and only certain types (usually those things that a particular type of creature is particularly vulnerable to). All damage can be soaked except:

Note: Impact damage from any objects made of these materials is still bashing or lethal and can be soaked.

Awakened, Enlightened ... Dangerous?

Most of the denizens of the World of Darkness have to worry about who knows about them. Vampires are concerned with the Masquerade, though they tend not to want anyone to know what they are. Garou are protected by and need to uphold the veil, but there are those who are not affected by it. Mages have Paradox to worry about. There are those who don't carry it with them. Wraiths just avoid being noticed. Changelings will occasionally bless those who are more aware than others with the gift of Fey Sight. So who qualifies...

Who is Aware?

...And Who Isn't?