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Rules based on Werewolf: The Apocalypse Second Edition Revised.

House Rules

Changing Breeds

Ajaba -- Choosers of the Slain (Were-hyenas)
Ananasi -- Fangs of the Mother-Queen (Were-spiders)
Bastet -- Ten Tribes of Twilight (Were-cats)
Corax -- Sun, Storm and Shadow (Were-ravens)
Garou (Were-wolves)
Gurahl -- Carrying the Wounds of the World (Were-bears)
Kitsune -- The Nine-tails (Were-foxes)
Mokole -- Keepers of Sun's Wisdom (Were-crocodilians)
Nagah (Were-snakes)
Nuwisha -- Laughter and Life (Were-coyotes)
Ratkin -- Summoning the Armies of the Apocalypse (Were-rats)
Rokea -- First-born of Sea (Were-sharks)

Other Rules

Bastet Gifts   - = -   Kitsune Gifts   - = -   Mokole Gifts
Background: Den Realm/Umbral Glade/Ananta (Revised)

Work in progress (mostly done, already fully playable)...
the Ahuizotl -- Defenders of the Heart
(Were-mustelids; my creation, not canon)

Hope -- Ankara of Tribe Bubasti Marissa -- Dreams-of-Fire of Tribe Ocelotl

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