New Thaumaturge:

"Any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from science!"
-- Agatha Heterodyne, "Girl Genius", Phil Foglio

For use with World of Darkness: Second Sight The apothecary is a master of the healing arts, potions, salves, cures, etc.

Apothecary Training

Defining Merit: Herbalism ()

Path Merits: Alchemy (External) ( or ), Countermagic ( or ), Curse of Ill-Fortune, Enchantment ( or ), Familiar ( or ), Healing (), Library ( to ), Longevity (; Herbalism may be substituted for Alchemy as a prerequisite), Luck Magic ( or ), Magical Nexus ( to ), Scrying (), See Auras (), Warding ().


Character Creation:


New Merits

Herbalism (, or )

Prerequisites: Occult and Medicine

"Herbalism and Brewing is the art of using the natural properties of various plant and animal parts (ranging from St. John's Wort and dried bear gonads to even more exotic ingredients) to enhance the natural processes of the human body or that of other living things. In so doing, the herbalist can also induce effects that may seem magical to others but are (in the herbalist's eyes) merely examples of what the human body can do when properly motivated and reinforced with the power of nature."
-- "Sorcerer, Revised Edition", Alchemy Path

Effect: This merit is loosely based on the herbalism portion of the Alchemy/Herbalism/Advanced Chemistry Path from Sorcerer, Revised Edition since WoD: Second Sight only provides strict alchemy (conversion of matter state or material). Each level of herbalism represents an increasing level of complexity and stronger effect. The end product can be a potion, salve, lotion, powder, pill, tincture, or anything else that can be used to imbibe, apply, or distribute.

The one-dot version of this merit allows the herbalist to create more potent versions of existing chemicals (medicines, poisons, solvents, glues, etc.). These improved substances can do any one of the following (for one success):

With the two-dot version of this merit the herbalist is able to create effects that are minor, but are not possible through normal substances. The herbalist's creation can do any one of the following (for two successes):