Benevali Bloodline

The origin of the Benevali is proof not only of what unity among Kindred of various clans can accomplish, but also how often it is resisted, both from within and from the rest of vampiric society.

Since then, this bloodline has strived to make the best of situations and to increase good relations between bloodlines and clans. The primary function the Benevali is to gather information about all of the other clans and known bloodlines. They have become the modern day Cappadicians (without the obsession with death).

Augustus Corvair, the founder of the Benevali and former member of the Tremere managed to befriend significant members of a large number of clans and bloodlines. A few examples: Cappadocians, Gangrel, Nosferatu, Toreador, Ventrue, Ravnos, Samedi, and Salubri.

Nickname: Witches

Appearance: Cultural origins and ways of dress vary widely. A number of Benevali tend to wear things associated with ancient healers, druids, and herbalists, but are just as likely to wear a suit and tie or street clothes. Like the Salubri, they gradually develop a third eye as they learn Obeah.

Haven: Most prefer quiet, secluded places that provide a place to relax, think, and be reminded of why they stick around.

Background: Mortals of healing, medical, or mystical thinking and profession are the most likely candidates for Embrace. It is very important that the mortal want to make a positive difference in something and be willing to do what it takes.

Character Creation: Benevali tend to be Social or Mental and Knowledge primaries. All must have a nature of Architect, Caregiver, Cavalier, Defender, Visionary or any nature that cares more for others than themselves or can see a greater picture and are willing to strive to realize that picture. Demeanors can be just about anything. Normal Background Traits include Allies, Contacts, and Influence.

The Benevali are restricted to the following Roads: Chivalry, Heaven, Humanity and any other road that possesses the virtue of Conscience.

Clan Disciplines: Elementum (Thaumaturgy: Path of the Elements), Obeah, Auspex

Weaknesses: Benevali may not cause harm to mortals (or ghouls) that have done no harm. To do so requires a Conscience roll (difficulty of mortal's Humanity) and if they succeed their Road rating automatically goes down a level.

Organization: The Benevali are a loose-knit family that meet on a regular basis to discuss current events, exchange knowledge, introduce new members, and make decisions on how to improve existence.

Gaining Bloodline Prestige: There are two ways to gain respect and Prestige within the Benevali: Knowledge and Humanity.


"Won't you help the mortal? You will not? Then you refuse the seeds of your own existence and you will wither away and die."


Most Likely Rituals

Level One Rituals

Defense of the Sacred Haven, Wake with Evening's Freshness, Communicate with Sire, Deflection of Woden Doom, Purity of Flesh

Level Two Rituals

Ward Versus Ghouls, Donning the Mask of Shadows, Principal Focus of Vitae Infusion

Level Three Rituals

Ward Versus Lupines, Shaft of Belated Quiescence, Incorporeal Passage

Level Four Rituals

Ward Versus Canites, Binding the Beast

Level Five Rituals

Escape to a True Friend, Ward Versus Spirits, Blood Contract, Ward Versus Fae*

*Ward Versus Fae

This ritual works in a manner similar to Ward Versus Ghouls (Level Two Ritual), but affects fae and changelings.

System: The requirements for this ritual are the same as for Ward Versus Ghouls, except the required item is iron filings instead of mortal blood.