Merits & Flaws for Changeling

These Merits and Flaws are in addition to (or in place of) existing merits and flaws published in Changeling: The Dreaming sourcebooks.


Comparable Mass: (5-7 point Flaw; Gizmo only)

This flaw takes one of two forms. Either the Gizmo's human form weighs as much as its Mechanix form, or vice versa. This change of mass (or rather, lack of change) does not affect the Gizmo's own motions, but the friends of a Gizmo with the mass of an airliner will find it incredibly difficult to move him if he gets injured.

In the opposite case, somebody with the mass of a handgun would have difficulty walking in the wind. The exact value and effects of this flaw are subject to determination by the Storyteller, but are chimerical regardless. When deciding effects, please recall that the mass differential has no effect when the Gizmo is moving himself in normal conditions.


Talk with the Animals (2, 4, 6, 8 point Merit; Pooka only)

You can speak with other animals of your type and possibly those distantly related to you. The cost of this merit determines who you can speak with. This never extends beyond the broad definition of the type of animal. For each step away the cost is higher.

For 2 points you can speak with other Irish setters, Siamese cats, lovebirds, chameleons, etc.
For 4 points you can speak with other hounds, house cats, parrots, tree-dwelling lizards, etc.
For 6 points you can speak with other dogs, domestic cats (including feral), jungle birds, lizards, etc.
For 8 points you can speak with other canines, felines, birds, reptiles, etc.


Batteries Included: (5 point Merit; Gizmo only)

This merit removes certain limitations from a gizmo's mechanical form. With this ability, the changeling does not require any sort of reloading or refilling for its Mechanix: a car gizmo will never run out of gas while a boom-box gizmo can function without batteries and without being plugged in, and so on.

Fae of Borg (1-4 point Flaw; Gizmo only)

Some gizmos resemble their mechanical nature more than others. Fae with this flaw have body parts that look mechanical. An action figure gizmo might have riveted, plastic joints (1 point) while a car gizmo might have very obvious wheels on his legs (3 points; ala Transformers). A toaster gizmo might have slots in his shoulders that bread will toast in (2 points) and a computer gizmo might have circuitry for flesh several places (4 points), etc. All of these are of course chimerical in nature. For these items to be functional, they need to be purchased with the Background: Chimera.

Mask of Horror (3 point Merit; Sluagh only)

Sluagh with this merit are able to chimerically stretch their face into grotesque shapes for a few moments. This ability is but a shadow of the horrible images the sluagh were once able to conjure themselves into.
Sluagh who possess this merit are known for having a "rubber face" that rivals that of Jim Carrey and enjoy using it to unsettle those around them. Chimerically they can take it a step further to scare, disgust or simply creep out their audience.

System: By Making a Glamour roll (difficulty 7) they can change the shape of their face for a number of rounds equal to the number of successes they roll. The number of successes on this roll are added to a single Intimidation roll against enchanted beings. It is up to the sluagh whether this is intended to scare, creep, or disgust.

After this ability is used all non-Intimidation rolls are +1 difficulty due to the reaction others have to one who can twist their face in ways not possible to others.