Changeling Kith Index

Arts & Realms
AcheriDark-kinDenizens of the Dreaming pg. 45
Ali'iMenehuneImmortal Eyes: Shadows on the Hill pg. 130
AonidesDark-kinDenizens of the Dreaming pg. 48
BeastiesThallainThe Shadow Court pg. 66
BoggansKithainChangeling: The Dreaming pg. 88
BoggartsThallainThe Shadow Court pg. 68
BogiesThallainThe Shadow Court pg. 70
Canotili (Tree Dwellers)NunnehiChangeling Player's Guide pg. 126
Clurichaun (Leprechauns)Kithain *Immortal Eyes: Court of all Kings pg. ??
DragonkinKithain/Hsien?See it here
EshuKithainChangeling: The Dreaming pg. 90
Fir-bholgDark-kinDenizens of the Dreaming pg. 51
FuathDark-kinDenizens of the Dreaming pg. 54
Ghille DhuKithain *Isle of the Mighty pg. ??
GizmoKithainSee it here
GoblinsThallainThe Shadow Court pg. 72
HanaMenehuneImmortal Eyes: Shadows on the Hill pg. 134
Inuas (Spirit Helpers)NunnehiChangeling Player's Guide pg. 140
KachinasNunnehiChangeling Player's Guide pg. 130
KahunaMenehuneImmortal Eyes: Shadows on the Hill pg. 132
KeremetDark-kinDenizens of the Dreaming pg. 57
KokuaMenehuneImmortal Eyes: Shadows on the Hill pg. 136
May-may-gwya-shi (Rock Fishers)NunnehiChangeling Player's Guide pg. 116
MerfolkKithainBlood Dimmed Tides pg. 68
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MerKithain *See it here
MoiraeDark-kinDenizens of the Dreaming pg. 60
Murdhuacha (Merrow)ThallainBlood Dimmed Tides pg. 71
NanehiNunnehiChangeling Player's Guide pg. 120
NarakaDark-kinDenizens of the Dreaming pg. 63
NephilimKithainSee it here
NockersKithainChangeling: The Dreaming pg. 92
Numuzo'ho (Crushers of People)NunnehiChangeling Player's Guide pg. 136
OgresThallainThe Shadow Court pg. 74
PiskiesKithainFool's Luck: The Way of the Commoner pg. 124
PookaPoliticiansWerefurries: The Pranking pg. 94
Pu'GwisNunnehiChangeling Player's Guide pg. 138
RedcapsKithainChangeling: The Dreaming pg. 96
Rock GiantsNunnehiChangeling Player's Guide pg. 118
SatyrsKithainChangeling: The Dreaming pg. 98
SelkiesKithain *Immortal Eyes: The Toybox pg. ??
SidheKithainChangeling: The Dreaming pg. 100
Sluagh KithainFool's Luck: The Way of the Commoner pg. 102
SuremsNunnehiChangeling Player's Guide pg. 132
SprigganThallainChangeling: The Dreaming pg. 126
TrollsKithainChangeling: The Dreaming pg. 104
Tunghat (Green Dwarves, Owners)NunnehiChangeling Player's Guide pg. 128
Water BabiesNunnehiChangeling Player's Guide pg. 134
Yunwi Amai-yine-hi (Water People)NunnehiChangeling Player's Guide pg. 122
Yunwi Tsundsi (Little People)NunnehiChangeling Player's Guide pg. 124
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Slivers & Realms
DjinnInanimaeSee it here
GlomesInanimaeInanimae: The Secret Way pg. 52
KuberasInanimaeInanimae: The Secret Way pg. 54
MannikinsInanimaeInanimae: The Secret Way pg. 62
OndinesInanimaeInanimae: The Secret Way pg. 56
ParosemesInanimaeInanimae: The Secret Way pg. 58
SolimondsInanimaeInanimae: The Secret Way pg. 60
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Wu Tan (Magical Alchemy)
Chu-ih-yuHsien (kamuii)Land of 8 Million Dreams pg. 72
Chu JungHsien (kamuii)Land of 8 Million Dreams pg. 74
Fu-HsiHsien (hirayanu)Land of 8 Million Dreams pg. 62
HanumenHsien (hirayanu)Land of 8 Million Dreams pg. 64
Heng PoHsien (hirayanu)Land of 8 Million Dreams pg. 66
Hou-chiHsien (kamuii)Land of 8 Million Dreams pg. 76
KomukoHsien (kamuii)Land of 8 Million Dreams pg. 78
NyanHsien (hirayanu)Land of 8 Million Dreams pg. 68
SuijenHsien (kamuii)Land of 8 Million Dreams pg. 80
TanukiHsien (hirayanu)Land of 8 Million Dreams pg. 70
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Stigmas, Agendas, Disciplines, Arts & Realms
ApostatesDauntainThe Autumn People pg. 60
Black MagiciansDauntainThe Autumn People pg. 56
Crashing Bore, TheAutumn FaeThe Autumn People pg. 45
Cursed, TheDauntainThe Autumn People pg. 54
Lost, TheDauntainThe Autumn People pg. 52
Minutia Maven, TheAutumn FaeThe Autumn People pg. 44
NihilistsDauntainThe Autumn People pg. 58
Over-Protective Mother, TheAutumn FaeThe Autumn People pg. 42
Restrictive Librarian, TheAutumn FaeThe Autumn People pg. 43
Suit, TheAutumn FaeThe Autumn People pg. 46
TyphoidsDauntainThe Autumn People pg. 62
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* These changelings do not qualify as Fae 1 or 2 unless the caster is accustomed to them.