Djinn (incomplete but useable)




The Many Faces of Scheherezade -- Djinn have been known for centuries as shifters of appearance. Their Husks are still very flexible. All Djinn start off with 3 points in the Background: Husk.

Phenomenal Cosmic Power -- Djinn cast cantrips at a -1 difficulty (minimum of 3) and they may add an additional realm to a cantrip for free (additional realms beyond the second require a temporary point of Glamour to be spent as usual).


Itty Bitty Living Space -- No Djinn may affect any Djinn's anchor in any way. This means that a Djinn can be trapped inside or outside of their anchor.

If trapped inside their anchor, they are considered to be in Slumber.

If a Djinn is trapped outside of their anchor they suffer the same effects as if their anchor has been destroyed except that they cannot find a new anchor. They must find a way to reclaim their existing one.

This will continue to be the case until someone opens the anchor. To open the anchor one of two things MUST occur.

A person who possesses the anchor cannot be harmed or magically manipulated by the Djinn.