based loosely on the Dragonkin from Arcadia: The Wild Hunt and classic elements from both Eastern and Western dragons
by Otterpooka and Suentis Po

"You will believe."
-- Tagline from Dragonheart

All things fae spring from dreams of mortals. Often a singular influence is predominant, and it is this way with the dragonkin. Though elements of their nature are certainly archetypical, the strong influence of oriental dreams is clear. They are the family honor of the Chinese merged with the Bushido of the Japanese and shaped into a dragon-dream of heroic honor and purpose.

Family itself is of paramount importance to the dragonkin, and is at the heart of a code of honor to which all but the most corrupt dragonkin are fiercely loyal. Devotion to those in a dragonkin's "Brood," and to their direct ancestors and descendants, comes above all else. After that, there is loyalty to the kingdom and its rulers, and then loyalty to the dragonkin people in general. Often, so much time and effort is spent seeing to these loyalties that dragonkin have none left to spend on other, more cursory, allegiances.

The dragonkin, being a people with a strong sense of honor, are also bound by a code of conduct in which all beings are referred to with the appropriate honorific, and respect is shown to all-even the basest of enemies. As a result, dragonkin are rarely involved in "dishonorable" activities, such as ambushes or assasinations; they prefer direct action and a level playing field. At times, of course, this is a disadvantage that can be used against them.

Within the Kith itself, respect comes naturally with age (thus the eldest Broodmate will be honored above the youngest, and their parents above them), and otherwise through feats of renown, whether they be in battle, politics, exploration or trade. Dragonkin are also oath-bound to avenge the wrongful death of any of their Brood, and will not stop until justice has been done.

Dragonkin warriors are widely respected, not only for their great strength and ferocious tempers, but also because they are masters of combat arts foreign to other kith (again, the oriental influence is strong).


Dragonkin stand taller than most other Kith (with the notable exception of trolls and ogres), and are roughly humanoid. Rippling muscles, intense almond-shaped eyes, lashing tails, and large, frighteningly strong claws (Strength + 2) are hallmarks of the best of this strange race. In spite of their clearly reptilian aspect, however, the Dragonkin are very much warm-blooded, and possess a physical form that is strikingly human, with full heads of thick hair, and horns. Their skins are so finely scaled as to appear nearly smooth to the casual observer, and vary in hue according to family line. A great number of dragon kin possess the Merit: Winged and the occasional dragonkin has the Flaw: Winged (they can't actually fly, but still have wings).

While in their dragon form (see Birthright: Magesty's Visage) they look like a full size dragon (and will feel space constraints as appropriate) and generally fall under two categories: they are either large, thick and massive, or they are long and snake-like.


Childling: Childling dragonkin are adorable, honest, and smart. They tend to protect other children from those who would prey upon them (child molesters, abusive parents, bullies, etc.). Draglings are also known to make alliances with wilders and grumps to help them. Their dragon forms tend to be impressive, but somewhat cute.

Wilder: Wilders have an overwhelming sense of freedom, wonder, and ... guts. They are connoisseurs of pleasure, of new sensations, and of life. Through all of their travels and experiences they still won't break their code of honor. Wilders as dragons are what most legends refer to as fearsome and imposing sights.

Grump: Grumps are bold, strong, surdy figures of honor that seek to uphold the Seelie way of life. Grump dragons are craggy and aged looking, though they haven't lost any of their awe inspiring presence. At this point they set up a permanent residence, and some of them start collecting things...


Most dragonkin tend to find jobs as security guards, peace keepers, national park rangers, and good samaritans. Some teach martial arts and attempt to pass on their code of honor to others. Most enjoy helping people and preserving dwindling natural areas. In these efforts they have made many alliances with Children of Gaia, nunnehi, Verbena, and pookas. They also have regular dealings with the Akashic Brotherhood and the Black Furies due to common beliefs and background.


Eastern -- Nature

Western -- Scene


Western -- Stoking the Fires -- Dragon's have been know for centuries to breath fire. Spend a temporary point of Glamour and Willpower, and roll Dexterity + Archery (difficulty 7) to shoot a column of fire and hit a target up to 12 feet away. Damage is determined by a roll of Stamina + 4. The damage from this attack is chimerical.

Eastern -- Tien Lung's Blessing -- Dragons have long been a sign of luck. Unfortunately, now that luck barely passes beyond themselves. Dragonkin may once per scene spend a temporary point of Glamour to roll two extra dice (these dice do not count towards a botch if a 1 is rolled). The results can apply to ANY ROLL made by a character of their choosing within sight and must be determined before the roll being modified is rolled.

In their fae seeming they never appear to touch the ground (in freeholds they don't actually touch it).

Might of Ages -- Dragons are wise beyond their years and their physical might is legendary. It has been granted to them because of their honor and belief and the strength of character that is their hallmark. All dragonkin receive an extra dot in both Intelligence and Strength, even if this raises them above their maximum. This is a Wyrd Birthright.

Majesty's Visage -- By spending a temporary point of Glamour they may revel in their past and show their true might as a dragon! While in dragon form their strength and stamina are +1, but opponents are -2 difficulty to hit them.


Banality's Curse -- (different than the sidhe Birthright.) Dragonkin are even newer to earth and Banality than are the sidhe and their kith forms are more fantastic than most, therefore they suffer from a similar Frailty. Whenever a dragonkin is inflicted with banality they take double what most kith would in points.

Honor's Bonds -- A Dragonkin's honor is paramount. Due to this they have two Seelie Legacies and gain Willpower from each of them. However, whenever they act Unseelie (and contrary to both of their Legacies) they loose a temporary point of Willpower or pick up a point of temporary Banality (player's choice). Due to the dishonor of using them, no Seelie dragonkin may use a long range weapon for any purpose other than hunting (may not take the Skill Firearms (Riflery may be substituted, but Archery is allowed).

All Dragonkin characters have a personal code of honor (cannot take the Merit: Code of Honor). If they ever become Unseelie, they pick a Seelie and Unseelie Legacy and only gain Willpower from the Seelie Legacy. They are also at a -1 die pool to do anything unhonorable and/or Unseelie. Their scales fade and darken, becoming more drab.


"One must always be mindful that one is a part of the many. Do not forsake your kind. Once you have seen to your Brood, then see to yourself, and pursue an emerald perfection in all you do."

-- Dragonkin, Arcadia: The Wild Hunt