Einheriar Bloodline

Created by Gailedon, edited by Unseen
Changes and additions by Otterpooka

Nickname: Guardians




Character Creation:

Clan Disciplines: Aegis, Celerity, Obeah

Weakness: It is the purpose of this bloodline to protect, and they continually feel the need to do so. All Einheriar are -1 to all die pools if without a Ward (see Flaw: Ward).


Ward (1-3 point Flaw)

This flaw is required for Aegis to be useable, and is the basis for avoiding concern of the Einheriar weakness. This flaw follows all of the same rules as the 3 point Flaw: Ward.

Path of Custodis

Path of Custodis

10 Refusing to sacrifice unlife for Ward
9 Heavily restricting Ward's freedom
8 Putting Ward into avoidable danger
7 Failure to protect another if Ward is not threated
6 Failure to eliminate threat to Ward if possible
5 Hurting innocent
4 Risking Ward to protect another
3 Allowing harm to befall Ward
2 Failure to risk self for Ward
1 Betraying your Ward