Changing Breed: Mokole

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Mokole -- Keepers of Sun's Wisdom

Mnesis Revised

Mokole Gifts

Background: Mnesis Revisited

Mnesis is the race memory of the Mokole. I am adding two new qualifiers for the individual levels based on the length of time: Memory quality and how well known the event is.

Mokole Background: Mnesis (Revised)
 100 years1000 years12,000 years60 million years240 million years
Faint / Great    
Fuzzy / ImportantFaint / Great   
Vague / NotedFuzzy / ImportantFaint / Great  
Clear / MostVague / NotedFuzzy / ImportantFaint / Great 
Vivid / AllClear / MostVague / NotedFuzzy / ImportantFaint / Great

Mokole - Crocodilians

Mokole Gifts

This section will include errata, mechanics modifications, and new gifts.

Level One Gifts

Become Log (Shrouded Sun Gift; errata) -- As the Midnight Sun Gift.

Level Two Gifts

Level Three Gifts

Bark of the Mudpuppy (General Gift Level Three; modified) -- This gift as written in the book is either very poorly defined or underpowered for a level three gift (do 1 point of aggravated damage if you have nothing better to do). Below is my modification.

System: Works on any target within line of sight and affects them and everything within their reach (but not any additional living targets). If used on an inanimate object, it works on it and everything withing 5 feet of the center of the object. Cost: 1 point of rage.

Therapsid's Legacy (General Gift Level Three; NEW!) -- Provides the mokole with a fourth form roughly analogous to the garou's glabro form. This form stands approximately seven to eight feet tall (or long plus tail if Upright Walking is not selected), two to three times human weight, and is generally more accurately discribed as a "lizard-man" and is allowed archid characteristics identical to the archid form or anything reasonably between it and homid form.

System: The therapsid form consists of four Archid form characteristics with Grasping Hands and/or Upright Walking being at least one of them. Keeping an archid characteristic that provides dice or a bonus as a "half-selection" is doable if the bonus / dice are halved (round up). See below:

Therapsid's Legacy Form Bonuses (Mokole)
Therapsid+2+1+2-2-2Str+1 LStr LStr +1 B

Half-point Archid Characteristics:

Unlikely Archid Form Characteristics: Constricting Coils, Extra Limbs (no more than one set), Huge Size (special: see half-point characteristic), Long Neck, Sacral Plexus (not big enough to really benefit).

Level Four Gifts

Level Five Gifts

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