Via Naturae -- Road of Nature

For use with Vampire: The Dark Ages or Vampire: The Masquerade

Canites who come from backgrounds dealing heavily in nature (herbalists, Wiccans, witches, hermits, and outcasts) previous to their embrace commonly find a connection with nature, either by explaining their own condition as something nature intended or a need to atone for the unnatural being they've become. Others seek comunion with nature and a need to preserve it to keep the Beast at bay and learning more about the Beast and it's role.

Following this path is to understand the Circle of Life; to understand the roles that play in nature, and how to avoid disrupting them. This also includes making sure others do not disturb this delicate cycle. Those that damage the cycle must be taught to respect nature least it vent it's wrath through you.

The Road of Nature is a difficult road to follow as it is a thin one, with many cliffs and obstacles. Opposition is on all sides as there are always those that will directly oppose you, those that have an unrelated goal that is of little importance, and those who would do destructive things out of ignorance.

Nature provides for her children, but only the neccesities. Too many mortals and Kindred would give in to greed and gluttony, asking that others around them pay the price. These are perhaps the worst and they must be stopped.

Guardians of Nature are dilligent and strong in their resolve to do what must be done, therefore the Road of Nature teaches the Virtues of Conviction and Self-Control.

Note: This path is most commonly followed by vampires who were close to nature before their embrace, and use nature as an anchor to what they once were.

Road of Nature

Road Rating Minimum Wrongdoing for Conviction Roll
10Accidental harm to natural plants or animals.
9 Not succeeding to persuade others to stop "unnatural" acts against nature.
8 Not willing to use any method (force, trickery, etc.) to defend natural areas.
7 Allowing others to get away with harming nature.
6 Unneccesary (not for food) damage done or allowed to happen to flora and fauna.
5 Not maintaining a specific area from city-dwellers and any other kind of danger.
4 Not attempting to persuade others to stop "unnatural" acts against nature.
3Allowing others to get away with harming nature in a way that could have lasting effects.
2 Knowingly doing harm to nature.
1 Harming nature in a way that could have lasting effects.

Via Naturae is a combination of elements from the Roads of Chivalry, Beast, and Humanity.