by Otterpooka and Suentis Po

Seelie Nephilim -- Seraphim

Unseelie Nephilim -- Necrophim

"And the Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the Sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown."
-- Genesis 6:4

The records on this kith have been lost for a long time, even to the kith itself. Whatever their mission on this world is, they are either not telling or don't remember. If they do remember they cannot say. Something happened to them which caused a strange thing to happen to their magics.

But most take their predicament in stride. Some have lost hope and faith in the goodness of life and wallow in the sins their brethren would avoid. These "Fallen" gained a seductive presence about them and delight in corrupting their brethren.


They look like skinny children and teenagers in their mortal seemings. In their fae seemings, they are glorious; tall, slender, and beautiful. Each Nephilim has an aura, usually of a light color (pale blue, yellow, white, etc.) but those who are Unseelie tend to have a darker color (blues, greens, and even reds and darker shades of gray) with matching eyes. With concentration, the aura can be dampened, but it will reduce other die pools for the duration by one. They might be responsible for the legends of "guardian angels," for that is what they look like.


Cherub (Childling): Small and delicate, quick and cunning. This is when they learn the cost of their "accident."

Guardian (Wilder): Bold, but cautious. A silent guardian with a great presence. Their eyes speak volumes.

Archon (Grump): Rare. Some take longer than others to get their wings.


They are guardians and protectors, or conversely ravagers and predators. Occupations vary greatly, but most tend toward occupations that help others (soup kitchens, shelters, medical, counselling, community projects, etc.). The Fallen tend towards occupations that would subvert others (porn, drug dealing, prostitution, law, debunkers, etc.).

There are a few who try to ride the line, and they are basically Seelie, but they often lack the strength of faith to truly be Seelie or Unseelie and are usually the first to fall.


Any (choose one; excluding Time)

This Affinity must be chosen at character creation and cannot be changed.


Seelie Nephilim -- Seraphim

Unseelie Nephilim -- Necrophim


Seelie Nephilim -- Seraphim

Unseelie Nephilim -- Necrophim

Note: Nephilim cannot take Merit: Winged, Flaw: Winged or Merit: Guardian Angel. Merit: True Faith is more common among the Nephilim than any other fae.


"For the deeds that were done in the name of the Truth,
God have mercy on us.
For the falsehoods we praised,
For the vows we betrayed,
For the men we despised,
For the price that they paid,
Please find it in your hearts to pardon us."

-- "The Land of the Fathers," Martin Guerre


Seelie Nephilim -- Seraphim

Unseelie Nephilim -- Necrophim